Banking online

Blocking and unblocking your debit card

Block your debit card quickly and easily using Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app. If you find your debit card again, you can just as easily unblock it.

Requesting an additional debit card

You can easily request a new debit card using Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app, which can really come in handy if you lose your debit card or if it gets stolen or damaged.

Incorrect transfers

Find out what to do if you have made a transfer to the wrong account, or have transferred the wrong amount.

International transfers

If you are transferring funds abroad for the first time, you will first need to set your payment profile in Internet Banking.

Changing your debit card limit

Changing your debit card limit is easy and comes in handy when you want to make greater debit card payments in shops or withdraw more cash.

Initiating a refund

You can initiate a refund yourself using Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app, if a debit has been made twice for instance.

iDEAL payments

Use iDEAL to pay for your online purchases quickly and securely.

Open an account

If you live in the Netherlands, it's handy to have a Dutch current account. You can pay your rent by standing order or direct debit, and transfer money to your home country, for example.

Processing times

Find out how long it will take to transfer funds to someone or if someone has transferred funds to you.