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Foreign transfers

Foreign transfers

Transferring funds abroad is now easier than ever before. You can transfer funds both within the Netherlands and abroad on a single screen. You can also make transfers to SEPA countries using the IBAN. A fee will sometimes be charged for transfers. If this is the case, the fee will be displayed in the cost overview right away.

Geld overmaken naar het buitenland

How to transfer funds abroad

Log in to Internet Banking and click 'New transfer'. This will take you to the transfer screen where you can select the currency and the land to which you want to transfer funds.
Note! If you use an IBAN, you do not need to select the country; this will be done automatically.
Your account must support international transfers, so you may need to change your payment profile. Instructions on how to do so are provided below.

Geld overmaken naar het buitenland

Changing your payment profile

Log in to Internet Banking and go to the 'Management' tab. Select 'International transfer settings' under 'Payment profile'. Select the relevant account(s) and enable the feature.

Note! For reasons of security, you will only be able to transfer funds abroad 2 hours after changing your payment profile. We recommend that you change your profile only for the period during which you require this facility.

Wijzig voor een buitenlandse overboeking uw betaalprofiel in Internet Bankieren

A single address book for all of your contacts

Your domestic and international contacts are stored in the same address book. We have added your existing international contacts to this unified address book. If you wish, you can change or delete your contacts, or add new ones. 

Uw adresboek in Internet Bankieren

Cheques and availability at the cash desk

You can no longer transfer funds to be provided in the form of a cheque or availability at the cash desk on Internet Banking. If you wish to use these services, please contact us.

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Contact us (from outside the Netherlands)