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Guided Investing and Sustainability

When choosing for Guided Investing, you select the Profile Fund that is right for you. These Profile Funds meet a number of sustainability criteria, and qualify as ESG investments. ABN AMRO Profile Funds consist of carefully selected and well diversified investment products.

The features of Guided Investing

  • Start investing from as little as € 20
  • ABN AMRO experts manage your Profile Fund
  • Get started in just 10 minutes

ESG risk score for Guided Investing

Investors who saw 'sustainable' as yet another fleeting investment trend – here today, gone tomorrow – have been proved wrong. Sustainability is a very broad concept: ESG covers Environmental, Social and Governance aspects. Businesses that treat people, the environment and society with care will be less exposed to future regulations regarding sustainability, and with this often be better prepared for the future. And that appeals to an increasing number of investors, even those who otherwise seem to have little interest in sustainability.

What is the ESG risk score?

The ESG risk score is an indicator of the ESG risk exposure of companies in the Profile Fund; the lower the score, the better.

Where can I find the ESG risk score of my profile funds?

On Internet Banking, you will find the risk score of your profile funds in two infographics that visualise the various components of the ESG risk score. The first infographic shows the ESG risk score of the companies in which the profile fund invests. The second infographic shows the ESG risk score of countries.


When you opt for an ABN AMRO Profile Fund, a number of types of investments are automatically excluded.

Controversial weapons list

ABN AMRO automatically excludes companies that manufacture controversial weapons or make money from them in some other way. We believe that the effects of these weapons are disproportionate given that they indiscriminately impact civilians in addition to military targets. We include biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and several other categories under our definition of controversial weapons. You can read here which weapons and companies ABN AMRO excludes.

Sanctions list

Sanctions may apply to entire countries or to individual companies or organisations. When sanctions have been imposed on a country, company or organisation, this means that it is prohibited by law to conduct certain defined transactions with these entities. As a result, we automatically exclude these (or no longer include them) in any investment decision.

List of investment exclusions

This list contains companies that we do not wish to invest in for various reasons. We also automatically exclude these companies for our investments in shares and bonds. Examples are tobacco manufacturers and companies with which we cannot successfully engage.

Investing involves risks

Investing involves risks. You could lose (some of) the money you invested. If you are going to invest, it is important that you are aware of this. Invest with money you can spare. Read more about the risks associated with investments.

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