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Changing the legal form

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If your sole proprietorship is changing to a private limited company, or your company’s legal form is going to change in some other way, you need to notify us of the change to the legal form as soon as possible to ensure correct processing and preservation of your business account number.


Before notifying us of a change in the legal form

A change in your company’s legal form will affect financing, credit and guarantees, including rent guarantees. You cannot transfer any of these to the new legal form. If you have any of these products with us, contact us first to discuss your options.

Here’s how you let us know about a change in your company’s legal form

  1. Notify the Chamber of Commerce of the change

    You can only notify us of a change in your company’s legal form if at least one of the directors is the same under the new form. We will check that the details held by the Chamber of Commerce are correct. Only notify us of the change after the Chamber of Commerce has processed the change to your company’s legal form. 

    Please note: if all of the directors in the new legal form are new, we will consider you to be a new client.

  2. Download your account statements

    If your company’s legal form changes, so will the name on your account statements. Make sure you download the account statements with the name of your company in its old legal form, as you’ll no longer be able to do this once the change has been made.

  3. Wait for confirmation from the Chamber of Commerce

    Once the Chamber of Commerce has processed the change, you can notify us of it. We do not get this notification automatically.

Fill in the form to change your legal form

Log in to Internet Banking for Business with your business debit card, and we will fill in some details for you. Completing the form takes about 20 minutes. 

Please be aware that it can’t be saved along the way, so you must complete it all in one go. So be sure to keep the following information handy: 

  • The account number of the organisation whose legal form is to be converted.
  • The authorisations of each of those involved, and the percentage ownership each holds.
  • Your new Chamber of Commerce number and company name. 
  • Personal data on directors or other ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and their identity document number, Dutch personal ID number (BSN) and the business account and card numbers for each business card held in a specific person’s name.

Don’t have Internet Banking for Business?

Continue without logging in, and fill in all of your details yourself.