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Embedded Finance

Embedded Finance​

Boost your business, together with ABN AMRO

Collaborate for success!

Unlock new revenue possibilities and enhance the customer experience on your app or website by seamlessly integrating ABN AMRO's best-in-class products and services. With our Embedded Services, your customers will enjoy one-stop access to financial services on your digital environment, eliminating the need to switch between apps or websites. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, ABN AMRO possesses the expertise and capabilities to open a world of opportunity for your business. Let's collaborate and elevate to new heights together.​

Featured Embedded Services

Achteraf betalen

Enable online payment by invoice with Achteraf betalen, a digital payment solution for B2B e-commerce. Achteraf betalen gives your buyer a payment term of 30 days and arranges the entire settlement, while you are paid immediately after delivery.

SME lending

Quickly and easily provide your business customers with fully digital financing solutions for credit, loans or mortgages.

The benefits of Embedded Services

Rich experiences

Discover a world of convenience and empowerment for your customers through our Embedded Finance solutions, unlocking rich new experiences and seamless financial interactions.​

New possibilities

Embrace the power of Embedded Finance to unleash boundless opportunities for your business, delivering innovative financial experiences that captivate and delight your customers.​

Easy integrations

Elevate your digital environment’s capabilities with ABN AMRO's suit of products and services, easily and rapidly integrated via our cutting-edge API solutions for unparalleled efficiency.​​
Tikkie and FinDock team up for Salesforce

Tikkie and FinDock team up for Salesforce

Read how Tikkie can be use directly from within Salesforce by means of the Tikkie integration of FinDock.

Frequently asked questions

Embedded Finance of ABN AMRO is for companies looking for a new way of doing business through financial integrations. Via the Embedded Finance integrations (Embedded Services), banking services can be offered directly to end users without navigating to a bank's digital environment (app or website).

If you are a business customer of ABN AMRO and want to integrate with the Embedded Services to offer them as a service to your customers, you are eligible for a partnership. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and discover what Embedded Services offer you and your customers. Would you like to purchase products and services from ABN AMRO yourself? More information can be found on the specific product pages.

Do you see possibilities for the platform you are using? We advise you to contact your product or service provider and make them aware of ABN AMRO’s Embedded Finance. By having your provider request a meeting , we can discuss the possibilities with them.
The current range of Embedded Services can be used without a PSD2 license. The products and services that can only be used with a PSD2 license can be found on ABN AMRO Developer Portal .

ABN AMRO Developer Portal​

Easily integrate ABN AMRO's Embedded Services by working with APIs.