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International Desks

Support from our International Desks makes banking abroad a lot easier.


Branches abroad

There’s a lot to deal with when you do business abroad and that includes unfamiliar rules and procedures. Support from our International Desks makes banking abroad a lot easier.

Efficient banking

Whether you are taking your business over the border for the first time or want to expand your international operations, you want to handle matters efficiently. Our employees know which rules apply to your company and which documents you need. They can also put you in touch with partners from their extensive local network.

In practical terms, they can help you:

  • open an account for a local or Dutch entity;
  • take care of your everyday banking, including payments;
  • structure your cashflows efficiently.

What the International Desks have to offer

Getting to grips with banks in a foreign country can be tricky, so the International Desks will try to help you by offering the services you are used to. The products available differ from country to country, but will generally include:

  • local bank accounts in a wide range of currencies;
  • International Cash Management;
  • Trade & Guarantee products;
  • credit facilities;
  • Global Market solution;
  • experienced, multilingual teams;
  • various local networks, such as the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Where to find the International Desks

Our six International Desks are located in:

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom

Get in touch with your contact in the Netherlands to find out whether an International Desk can be of service to your company.

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