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Banking made easy with the e.dentifier

For Internet Banking and Access Online

The e.dentifier allows you to log in to Internet Banking and Access Online.

The e.dentifier allows you to log in to Internet Banking and Access Online. You also use the e.dentifier to confirm your orders, for example a payment instruction or batch payment.

When the e.dentifier is connected to your computer, the e.dentifier screen will give you information about the action you are performing (logging in or making a payment) or the payment (number of payments and total amount). You can see precisely what is happening.

Using the e.dentifier in connected mode makes things simpler: you only need to enter codes once rather than having to do so for each payment.

First login via Internet Banking or Access Online

Log in

Click on the yellow login button at the top right and select the e.dentifier.


Put your debit card in the e.dentifier.

Follow instructions

Now follow the instructions on the screen.


New software available?

Do you use the e.dentifier connected to your computer with a USB-cable? Then you need software. This software has been renewed and must be installed to continue using the e.dentifier with the USB cable. The software update is necessary to apply some security updates.

Request E.dentifier

Is your e.dentifier no longer working? You can also borrow someone else's e.dentifier. This is perfectly safe and more sustainable!
If you request an e.dentifier, you will receive it within a week. Logging in with the app is a faster solution.

Log in with the ABN AMRO App

Did you know that you can also log in with the ABN AMRO app? This method will replace the e.dentifier in the future. Logging in with the app is fast and secure!

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Messages displayed on the e.dentifier

The message: PIN BLOCKED means the chip on your card has been blocked. You can unblock the chip when you withdraw cash or request a balance at an ATM. You can also do this outside the Netherlands.

This message appears if the necessary browser plug-in does not work with the e.dentifier2. Possible causes:

  • The browser does not meet the system requirements for ABN AMRO Internet Banking or Access Online. See the list of operating systems and browsers.
  • You are using the latest update of Google Chrome (v12), causing the e.dentifier2 to block the browser plug-in.
  • There is a problem with the compatibility settings in Internet Explorer 9 (Windows computer). See the list of operating systems and browsers:

You will receive this warning when you have only one more chance to enter the correct PIN. If you do not do so, you will receive the message PIN BLOCKED. You can unblock the chip when you withdraw cash or request a balance at an ATM. You can also do this outside the Netherlands. 

Forgot your PIN code? Contact us for a new pin code.

Check that you have entered the correct details on the login screen.

  • Does the account number match the card number?
  • Have you used the card that is associated with the account number you have entered?

If you still receive the same message after carrying out these checks, contact Client Service. Our colleagues will investigate why your card is blocked.

Error messages beginning with 'MESSAGE_SEC' or 'MESSAGE_WEB' (followed by a number) appear if there are technical problems within Internet Banking or Access Online. The message usually appears when logging in or submitting an order. Try logging in again later. You can see from your bank statement whether any payment instructions have been carried out.

You have probably entered an incorrect code. Press the ‘OK’ button on your e.dentifier2. Repeat all the steps using the new code.

You may not have inserted your card properly in the e.dentifier. There might also be dirt in the slot of the e.dentifier. Try blowing it to clear it. You can also try carefully wiping the chip on your card clean. If none of this helps, there is most likely a problem with your card. You can have the card checked at an ABN AMRO branch or apply for a replacement card directly.

  • If you have applied for a replacement card, your old card will stop working as soon as you activate the new (replacement) card.

  • If you want to be able to continue using your old card whilst waiting for your new card to be delivered, you can specify this when applying in a branch or by calling Client Service.

This message indicates that the battery is almost exhausted. If you press on the C or OK button, you will see the message CONTACT BANK. You can then apply for a replacement e.dentifier online. You will receive your new e.dentifier within one week.