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Embedded Services - SME Lending

SME Lending

Help your customers grow with easy access to financing

Together, let's see how we can get your customers up and running, growing and investing quickly with online business financing up to €1.000.000

Offer business financing within your online environment

Increase your customers' engagement and help them move forward at the right time with ABN AMRO's embedded financing solutions, offered through the New10 online financing platform. Enrich your online environment with full integration into your customer journey. Apply for financing simply, clearly and quickly. If you can arrange everything online, why not business financing?

Put your customer in control and let them apply for business financing digitally​

Working Capital & Investing

  • Duration 3 up to 60 months
  • Attractive interest rate

Business property financing

  • Funding based on property value
  • Early redemption free of charge up to yearly maximum

Financing debtors

  • Funding outstanding invoices
  • Dynamic limit based on invoices

How it works

Offer your customer easy and quick access to financing. With just a few details you get clarity on options within 15 minutes.

  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • Financial statement(s).
  • Transaction dates last 15 months
SME Lending - New10

New10 an initiative of ABN AMRO

New10, 100% subsidiary of ABN AMRO, combines the innovative nature of a fintech with the knowledge and certainties of a bank. Driven by technology, we make funding applications simple and fast. In doing so, we help companies with the speed they need to do business.

The benefits of embedded lending

Expand your services

Integrate financing solutions into your online environment and enrich your services. Offer your customers a complete range of services within one online environment and increase engagement.

Enhanced customer experience

Maintain customer loyalty by helping your customers move forward with financing solutions at the right time through ABN AMRO's New10 platform.

Modern technology

Your online environment, with the power of New10 and ABN AMRO. Quickly and easily connect different solutions and software applications to your online environment.