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Case studies

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ABN AMRO's Embedded Services enable you to serve your customers even better. Integrate tailor-made financial products and services directly into your online environment. This way you facilitate your customer's daily digital activities and promote the growth of your business.

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Tikkie and FinDock team up for Salesforce

Read how Tikkie can be use directly from within Salesforce by means of the Tikkie integration of FinDock.

Direct payout for tempworkers

Payday launches Wallet for temporary workers in collaboration with online employment agency 365Werk.

Pay for parking with a Tikkie

With Instapark you can easily pay for your parking with a Tikkie, directly from the app.

Easy integration and improved customer experience

Read about the good experiences of furniture store Zitmaxx regarding the ABN AMRO integration.

Freelancers having even more control over their income

Payday expands its product range together with Younited® with Freelancer Wallet app.

Improved processes and faster payout

Read how the ABN AMRO integration offers major benefits for payment service provider Brainpoint.​

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