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Payment Package

The Basic Payment Package includes a current account, debit card and online banking. You decide which payment products you want besides this package. That way, you only pay for what you really need.


Our credit cards

With a credit card you pay safely, anywhere in the world and online. Your purchases are insured for 180 to 365 days.


Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

You can pay and view your credits and debits securely and quickly with your smartphone. Or via Internet Banking. Read more about the possibilities and the latest developments.

Secure online banking

Which device is safest to bank with? How do I recognise a phishing email? We take numerous measures to prevent fraud. However, it's also good if you know what you can do to bank safely.


Always enough credit

Always ensure you have enough balance at the checkout? Automatically supplement your balance to an amount of your choice with 'smart payment rules'. Set up a payment rule once and have your balance supplemented from your savings account. This way you always have enough balance in your account.

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Geldmaat: the ATM for everyone

Our ATMs are increasingly making way for Geldmaat ATMs. Except for the yellow colour and new name, little has changed. You can withdraw as often and as much money as you like within your balance and card limit. You also just keep your own bank card.


Contactless payments

Paying small amounts quickly and easily without a PIN. You can make consecutive contactless payments up to € 100. Please note: different maximum amounts for contactless payments may apply outside Europe. Click on the button below for more information about contactless payments and wearables.


Foreign transfers

Would you like to transfer money to a foreign account? A transfer to a foreign account is initially set up in Internet Banking. You will need your e.dentifier. Check out the step-by-step plan here.

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