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Investment Rates

Insight into your investment costs

At ABN AMRO MeesPierson, you can invest in different ways, in various products. What you pay for this depends on the services you purchase and your transaction behaviour. The table below shows the main costs for investing at ABN AMRO MeesPierson.

Investment Type Percentage rate p.y.* Min. costs Cost Information Sheet
Portfolio Management 0,97% - 1,39% €485 PDF
Customized Advice 1,15% €12,100 PDF
Active Investment Advice 1,23% €5,020 PDF
Active Investing Plus 1,23% €5,020 PDF
Comfort Investing Advice 0,95% €3,905 PDF
Private Equity Advice 0,48% - PDF
Structured Products Advice 0,48% €1,815 PDF
Guided Investing 0,25% None PDF
Self-Directed Investing Basic 0,20%  None PDF
Self-Directed Investing Plus 0,20% + €4,- p.m. €48 PDF
Execution Only Desk 0,20% - PDF
*Including VAT.

The table above does not show all possible investment costs. Please read the additional rates table so that you are aware of any additional costs.


Overview of your investment costs

The costs you incur when investing are clearly stated in your cost statement. The cost overview is part of your asset reporting. Would you like to know more about the costs? We have written a clear guide for you, which you can download below. For instance, did you know that running costs are not charged separately, but are included in the price of the investment product?

Foreign currency investment funds through the Investor Giro

An overview of the investment funds in foreign currencies that we offer via the Investor Giro can be found in the document below (in Dutch).

Investment funds that ABN AMRO MeesPierson cannot process automatically

Some investment funds cannot be processed automatically. The costs are therefore higher. That is why you pay 2% transaction costs per buy order and 1% transaction costs per sell order for these investment funds.


Your annual investment costs

What are the costs of investing?

Are you investing with ABN AMRO MeesPierson? Then the costs consist of:

  • Advisory costs, service costs or the all-in rate for your investment type.
  • The transaction costs for your buy and sell orders.
  • VAT. You do not pay VAT on the service costs and transaction costs. You pay 21% VAT on the consultancy costs, the all-in fee for Asset Management and on some other costs.
  • The running costs of investment funds. Investment funds incur costs. These so-called ‘running costs’ are included in the price of the investment fund.

You can see the investment costs as an amount and a percentage of your investment portfolio. This is the value of your investments and cash.

Invest as you wish

There are many ways to invest at ABN AMRO MeesPierson. Which type of investing suits you? To determine this, of course, you must look at the costs. However, it is even more important that you choose a form of investment that suits your personal preferences.

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