Maas Capital is a dedicated investor with a long-term vision and focus on the Shipping & Intermodal, Oil & Gas and Renewables sectors. Are you looking for an experienced investment partner who looks beyond short-term cycles? At Maas Capital we combine sector knowledge with the experience needed to make customised investments together with ABN AMRO’s strategic investment partners.

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If you are looking for an equity partner for your renewable energy projects, then Maas Capital may suit your needs. We provide both equity and value-adding capabilities such as debt raising, contract structuring and valuation. Maas Capital invests in pre-construction European solar and wind projects with a decent size. Investments in other renewable energy technologies are also considered.

Shipping & Intermodal

Maas Capital has a longstanding track record in the shipping industry. Having been in shipping for a long time and by experiencing the inevitable market cycles, we understand the importance of industry knowledge and solid partnerships. We aim to invest together with leading and longstanding industry players in the tanker, dry bulk and container sectors.

Oil & Gas

Are you looking for an investment partner in the Oil & Gas industry? Maas Capital focuses on co-investments and joint ventures with experienced and reputable players in offshore services. For potential investments, excellent service levels and operational track records are just as important as the quality of state-of-the art vessels and platforms.

Our team

The Maas Capital team has extensive experience in successfully setting up and managing projects and companies. As our co-investor, you can rely on our financial expertise and sector knowledge.