Transaction Banking

Transaction Banking

Current developments

Transaction Banking is at the forefront of a rapidly changing corporate banking landscape. Standard processes need to be as effortless as possible to free us up to focus on adding value. We therefore work hard to offer a better, more digitised customer experience. We are delighted to update you on the latest developments within Cash and Treasury Management at ABN AMRO.

War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

The impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is being felt across the globe. The sanctions affect the payment systems of all Dutch banks. Here you can read more about the impact of the sanctions on your banking affairs. 


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UK's Faster Payments quadruples transaction limit to £1 million

Following the recent announcement of the threshold increase to £1,000,000 by the Faster Payment System operator in the UK, ABN AMRO N.V. UK Branch took a competitive decision to pass on this increase, in full, to all our corporate customers in the UK with effect from 18 March 2022.

Yes, it could happen to you!

Hacking into your corporate cash management system to transfer your hard-earned money to shady offshore accounts is the dream of every cybercriminal. And if you think it only happens to other companies, think again.

ID&Pay: a way out of the identity-linked payment jungle

ABN AMRO Group Innovation has recently incubated a groundbreaking new venture that merges payments and identity into a single exciting proposition: ID&Pay. ID&Pay aims to be Europe's first payment and identity service provider, offering a one-stop-shop solution for platforms dealing with transactions linked to identification.

Full Brexit customs checks: are you prepared?

From Saturday 1 January 2022, full customs controls and checks began for goods entering GB from the EU. Are you an importing business within the UK, or a supplier providing goods to customers in the UK? Then you need to consider how well you and your trading partners throughout your supply chain are prepared for the new customs requirements.

How APIs can transform corporate treasury

Corporate treasurers are increasingly focused to improve speed, insights and efficiency. As such, there is a need to improve operational efficiency in the entire financial value chain. Corporate treasurers may take advantage of the Application Programming Interface (API) technology and its benefits.

Detecting Financial Crime

‘The on-going battle to stay one step ahead of the bad guys’. Robin de Jongh leads a department of 2,700 colleagues who spend their every working hour trying to undermine a multi-trillion-dollar global industry. Here Robin discusses this challenging but fascinating world.

Broekhuis in the driver’s seat with APIs

Broekhuis is ABN AMRO’s first client to go live with the Business Account Insight API. We interviewed Lammert van de Bospoort, Project Manager at Broekhuis, about their experience. ‘We’d like to be able to send real-time data. And that’s the advantage of an API: you’re completely in control and you have real-time data’.

Instant Payments here to stay

ABN AMRO believes strongly that transferring money should be as quick, simple and round-the-clock as sending a WhatsApp message. We were therefore an early adopter of Instant Payments, which has allowed us to create a unique proposition: our customers don’t need to ask for an Instant Payment.

SWIFT gpi - going forward

Since its launch, SWIFT gpi has quickly set a new industry standard for cross-border payments, driven by rising client expectations, technological advancements, and the birth of new payment providers and infrastructures.

The new EU tax disclosure rule DAC6

DAC6 is an EU directive that requires member states to impose compulsory reporting obligations on intermediaries and taxpayers in relation to potentially aggressive cross-border tax arrangements. That is, arrangements that meet one or more pre-defined hallmarks.