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Payment Alerts

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Keep track of your account activity

Payment Alerts

  • Hear about changes instantly
  • Free Payment Alerts for withdrawals/debits
  • A useful tool for employees


Always up to date

If your balance sinks below a critical limit, or you receive an urgent payment or suspicious debits are made to your account, you obviously want to know right away. Payment Alerts are sent to you instantly via text or email. You decide what types of changes you want to hear about.

Free Payment Alerts for withdrawals/debits

Payment Alerts for debits or withdrawals help you to prevent fraud. These Payment Alerts are free. You see instantly what is happening on your account. If you notice any suspicious activity, simply get in touch with your contact person. The quicker you call, the better the chance we can limit the damage of any wrongdoing.

A useful tool for employees

Perhaps you want an employee to keep an eye on your company account. If so, your employees can easily apply for Payment Alerts via Internet Banking. But remember to cancel the Payment Alerts when your employee moves to a new role or leaves your company.

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