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Add your company logo


Add your company logo

  • Connect your logo to your IBAN
  • Easily upload via Internet Banking
  • Your logo is directly visible for your clients

Your company logo in Internet Banking

With the company logo service you can easily connect your company logo to your business IBAN numbers. After uploading, your logo is directly visible for your clients in Internet Banking and mobile banking.

Adding your company logo in Internet Banking

Are you the owner of the account? Than you can easily upload your logo in Internet Banking. Just choose ‘Manage’ and ‘Add company logo’ in Internet Banking to add your company logo yourself. The logo will be added after you have signed the logo with your e.dentifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can add a logo to an IBAN?

    A logo can be added to all business accounts. The owner of the account can add a logo to the company IBAN. Are you not the formal owner? Than you will not be able to add a logo. Please ask the owner of the account to add the logo in Internet Banking.

  • When is the logo visible?

    The logo is immediately visible after you have added and signed the logo upload in Internet Banking.

  • What if I don't have an ABN AMRO account?

    Unfortunately you can’t add a company logo yet.

  • Why do I get an error message trying to add a logo?

    If you logged in with PIN5, it is possible you will see an error message. Please log out and log in again using you e.dentifier. 

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