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Cash management at Christmas and New Year

Payments can not be processed during Christmas and New Year. Hand your paymenst and direct debits over in time to be sure that they are processed for Christmas or New Year.

SEPA credit transfer and SEPA direct debit files without the right tags are rejected

Since November 2017, the checks on these fields (tags) have been extended at file and batch level.

  • NbOfTxs (number of transactions)
  • CtrlSum (total amount)

These tags must be present and contain the correct value. If this is not the case, the file will either be rejected or you will receive a warning.

For files that you submit from 4 February 2019, the entire file will be rejected if these tags are missing or have an incorrect value.


No more address details in CAMT.053

As of 10 December 2018 there is a change in the content of the CAMT.053 reporting format: for incoming SEPA credit transfers you no longer receive the payer's address and residence details. Privacy laws and regulations prohibit this. We advise you to set the automatic processing of incoming credit transfers in your (accounting) system to a payment reference. Read more about SEPA reporting.

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