Zonnepark XXL is one of the largest solar parks in the Netherlands. It is located on the motorcycle parking lot of TT Circuit Assen, thus making optimum use of available space. Some 21,000 solar panels serve as a carport for 14,000 motorcycles. Zonnepark XXL was realised thanks to the perseverance and intensive collaboration of the parties involved. The park now contributes to achieving the goals of the Energieakkord (Dutch national agreement on energy use). That’s not only good for current but also future generations in the Netherlands.

Zonnepark XXL needs

GroenLeven, TT Circuit Assen, the Drentse Energie Organisatie (Drente Energy Organisation) and Tamoil took the initiative to carry out a feasibility study on the construction of a solar park. Along with Bovemij and ABN AMRO, they worked together to see what would be needed financially and legally to make it happen. That wasn’t very straightforward. The solar park is unique in its size, location, dual function and the interests of the various parties.

Approach and solution

ABN AMRO considers it its duty to play a meaningful role in the Dutch energy transition. Amongst other things, we do this by funding projects that contribute to that transition. When GroenLeven approached us about a potential solar park, we immediately advised them to seek out strong partners.Our financing specialists in the area of sustainability projects drew up a suitable funding structure with all the parties involved. We hope this solar park will be a catalyst for the realisation of more solar parks. 

Relevant factors

  • Thanks to Zonnepark XXL, TT Circuit Assen and Tamoil petrol stations are now energy-neutral, and the energy needs of hundreds of households are being met
  • With nearly 21,000 solar panels, Zonnepark XXL is one of the largest solar parks in the Netherlands
  • This unique project in Assen required a flexible collaboration between several parties in the north of the Netherlands
  • The solar park has been developed on a site that was previously only in use for part of the year, but now generates electricity 100% of the time.