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Secure online banking

Type the address in your browser

Make sure you type '' yourself and do not click on a link. This way, you always know for sure that you are using the right website. The 's' in https stands for secure.

Check every payment before sending

Always check the amount and the account number of the beneficiary before you send a payment.


Make sure your computer and mobile device are up-to-date

Using older versions of software, fraudsters can defeat virus scanners and gain access to your computer. So always make sure that your operating system, software, antivirus software and firewall are all up-to-date.

Alles altijd up-to-date

Disable international payments

Fraudsters often transfer money to another country. Disable international payments so fraudsters cannot transfer stolen money abroad. And you can easily enable this feature again if you need to make an international payment. You can easily arrange this yourself in Internet Banking.


Use the e.dentifier2

Each code on the e.dentifier2 has a unique function. Code '1' stands for 'Log on' and code 2 stands for 'Send transaction', i.e. send payments. Make sure you use the right code. This reduces the risk of fraud.

Gebruik de e.dentifier2

Use the USB cable for extra safety

The display of the e.dentifier2 shows a response code as well as information about your transactions and payments. You see exactly what is going on. If you use the USB cable, you will also see the payment on your computer screen. This makes it even easier to check whether the payments you are sending are your own. This extra check makes it more difficult for fraudsters to mislead you.


Enable alerts for your withdrawals

Alerts will notify you of any irregular payments. If you receive an alert for a withdrawal that you do not recognise, check your transactions. Always do this using a computer other than the one you previously used (it may be infected) or using the mobile app. If the payment looks suspicious, contact us immediately.

Betaalalerts op uw mobiel

Set up authorisations for your employees

The more people are involved in each payment, the safer things are. If you set up different authorisations and limits for each employee, it reduces the opportunities for fraudsters. This is because:

  • an extra pair of eyes always sees more than one; 

  • it is much more difficult for a fraudster to mislead two employees than it is to mislead one; 

  • if you use multiple computers for a payment, malware stands less of a chance.

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Recommendations for secure Internet Banking

Ignore strange requests: we will never ask you via email, telephone or text for your cooperation.

See all security recommendations