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SEPA direct debits

Solutions for debtors and creditors

With a SEPA direct debit, an amount is automatically debited from the payer’s bank account on a one-off or recurrent basis. This is only allowed after the payer has given their consent by means of a mandate. On this page, you can read all about how to start collecting funds, about managing your SEPA direct debit contract and about what to do when you are debited.

Why you should use SEPA direct debits

Everything arranged with a single mandate

Once the mandate has been arranged, direct debits are processed automatically.

One account for all SEPA countries

Send direct debits to domestic and foreign accounts effortlessly from a single account.

Decide when to receive your funds

Carry out the direct debit after your clients have received their salaries. That is when the success rate is highest.

Which description best applies to you?

You are the creditor

You already have a SEPA direct debit contract with ABN AMRO and want to find out more about it.

You want to collect funds

You do not have a SEPA direct debit contract with ABN AMRO yet and would like more information about it.

You are debited

An amount has been debited from your account or you have received a mandate from a company or institution and want to know more about it.

Frequently asked questions about SEPA direct debits

SEPA core direct debit (one-off or recurrent)

For collections from your personal and business clients. The payer has the option of having the direct debit refunded within 8 weeks of the debit. 

SEPA business-to-business direct debit (one-off or recurrent)

For collections from your business clients. Your debtor can’t have the direct debit refunded, but can refuse it up to and including the day the direct debit is debited from their account. Before the direct debit can take place, your debtor must register the details of the mandate with their own bank.

The one-off direct debit type is used if you want to debit an amount from your client once only. You will need a new mandate for each direct debit transaction. 

Use the recurrent type if you want to debit recurrent payments from your client, such as for a monthly subscription, insurance premium or rent. Or a membership fee payable once a quarter or year. Your client gives you a recurrent direct debit mandate that allows you to debit amounts multiple times.

The Single Euro Payments Area is made up of all countries in the European Union, plus some others.

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