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Information about the Order Execution Policy

Based on MIFID II legislation, European investment firms will be required to publish information on how they executed client orders, as of 2018. In line with this requirement, we aim to enable the public and investors to evaluate the quality of ABN AMRO Global Markets execution practices and to identify the top five execution venues. 



To determine the top five execution venues, where ABN AMRO Global Markets executed client orders, trading volumes and quantity of orders carried out in the preceding year have been taken into account.

For a meaningful comparison and to analyse the choice of top five execution venues the information is published separately for each class of financial instrument. In order to be able to fully evaluate the order flow of client orders to execution venues, ABN AMRO Global Markets has also been included. 

If you have any questions about the order execution policy, please  feel free to ask your contactperson. 


Next to the RTS28 report we publish the RTS27 report. This report has to be published quarterly by each trading venue, systematic internaliser and execution venue. We publish specific data that proves that we have taken all required steps to provide the optimal results for our clients. The report itself consists of nine separate tables, reported individually for each product category. These tables contain information on price and costs, as well as speed and likelihood of execution of a trade. The first report will be published at the end of each quarter from June 2018 onwards. Our RTS27 reports will be accessible for all interested parties and are completely free of charge.

*Warning: this publication has been prepared and published in accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/575 ("RTS 27"). All data used in this publication has been retrieved from ABN AMRO's internal sources. It is important to note that some data may be incorrect and/or incomplete. ABN AMRO is working on the strengthening and further improvement of its internal sources and the quality of its data output. ABN AMRO disclaims any liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions in this publication and for any loss or damages resulting from its use.