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Are you looking for customised financing solutions for the development of sustainable properties or investments in commercial real estate? Or do you want a partner with in-depth knowledge of the sector and sustainability issues that can provide strategic advice? Look no further. We, at ABN AMRO Real Estate, focus on single properties as well as property portfolios, whether it concerns small or large property projects. In addition to property finance, we offer services in the areas of cash & liquidity management, treasury and capital market transactions.

Sustainable real estate in the Netherlands

A sustainable urban environment is our starting point. We want to finance real estate that retains its value for future generations and reduces carbon emissions. We are keen to play a pivotal role in making properties in the Netherlands more sustainable, which we do by supporting innovative developments, encouraging redevelopment and attempting to increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings. We seek to shape this ambition in dialogue with the sector.


Our ambition is to make a difference in three areas. We have defined concrete objective for each area, which we plan to achieve by the end of 2018:

  • Landmarks: realisatie van 30 projecten
  • Transformatie: 300.000 m² leegstaand vastgoed
  • Energie-efficiëntie: 30% van de objecten in onze portefeuille heeft een A-label