Transaction Banking

Current developments

Transaction Banking is at the forefront of a rapidly changing corporate banking landscape. Standard processes need to be as effortless as possible to free us up to focus on adding value. We therefore work hard to offer a better, more digitised customer experience. We are delighted to update you on the latest developments within Cash and Treasury Management at ABN AMRO.

Rutger van Nouhuijs’ view on Transaction Banking

ABN AMRO Corporate & Institutional Banking has always focused on a strong, personalised offering and developing a close relationship with our clients, and Transaction Banking is a fundamental element in that strategy. After all, efficient management of working capital and liquidity lies at the heart of any client’s business needs.

Broekhuis in the driver’s seat with APIs

Broekhuis is ABN AMRO’s first client to go live with the Business Account Insight API. We interviewed Lammert van de Bospoort, Project Manager at Broekhuis, about their experience. ‘We’d like to be able to send real-time data. And that’s the advantage of an API: you’re completely in control and you have real-time data’.

The Renewal of Access Online

Maarten Smit and Bart Elderenbosch work within the Online Channels department on client-facing channels for corporate clients, such as Internet Banking Business and Access Online. Focusing primarily on customer feedback and satisfaction, they work with different departments to ensure continuous improvements to back-end systems and the customer interface.

DHL Express COVID-19-proof with Tikkie for Business

ABN AMRO’s popular Tikkie payment service has become a household name in the Netherlands, with over 6 million users and 250,000 daily payment requests. And in the last couple of years it has also gained momentum in the corporate sector, where the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated adoption.

Partnering is the way to go

In 2016, ABN AMRO launched ABN AMRO Ventures to invest in fintechs. Four years further, we talk to its head, Hugo Bongers, about what his team looks for when investing and how he sees ABN AMRO’s relationship with the fintech sector developing over the coming years.

The new EU tax disclosure rule DAC6

DAC6 is an EU directive that requires member states to impose compulsory reporting obligations on intermediaries and taxpayers in relation to potentially aggressive cross-border tax arrangements. That is, arrangements that meet one or more pre-defined hallmarks.