Diamonds and Jewellery

Services in the diamond and jewellery sector

For over a century we have been active in servicing the diamond and jewellery industry globally. We offer diamond and jewellery companies financing and transactional services.


Diamond and Jewellery Clients has dedicated teams in 3 locations. Antwerp, Hong Kong and Dubai, for the latter we announced in May 2018 that we will discontinue our services. These locations have a close proximity to Diamond and Jewellery Clients in key locations of the diamond and jewellery sector. Clients are global, cross-regional and local companies active in rough and polished trading, cutting and polishing, jewellery manufacturing, as well as retail jewellery.

Strict monitoring

Banks and supervisory authorities monitor clients in this sector extra carefully, and the bank reports on this policy to the supervisory authorities. Stricter monitoring means that ABN AMRO periodically subjects clients to reviews and continuously checks transactions. If anything unusual transpires, or if the client receives publicity, the relationship with the client is reviewed and assessed by various independent functions and, sometimes, by external advisors.


Sustainability is a priority and part of the dialogue with clients as well as with key industry stakeholders. Diamond and Jewellery Clients actively promotes the importance of sustainability for the sector, not only in direct conversations, but also in industry forums and for instance with our Sustainable Diamond Jewellery Guide.

Our service

By closely tracking your company’s unique value chain, we are able to tailor our services and product offering that addresses the dynamics of the markets.

Our team

Our specialised teams with approximately 60 dedicated staff combine deep sector expertise with the intimate knowledge we acquire of your business.