Privacy and cookies

On this page we explain why ABN AMRO stores personal details for further use. We also explain why ABN AMRO does this whenever you visit the website. 
ABN AMRO uses cookies on this website. You can find more information about cookies below.

What are personal details?

Personal details contain information about you, for example, your name, telephone number, date of birth, address and e-mail address. We may ask you for this type of information when you fill in a form on our website, for example. When you use Internet Banking, ABN AMRO saves your personal details as well. ABN AMRO also collects information regarding your use of the website. This is the case when ABN AMRO adds cookies, for example.

ABN AMRO saves and uses personal details only for very carefully selected purposes. You can read these in our Code of Conduct. You can also read a summary of those purposes below:
ABN AMRO uses your personal details:

  • to check whether ABN AMRO can accept a person, you for example, as a client

  • to agree contracts with you and other clients so ABN AMRO can facilitate the payment and receipt of funds (which we call money transfer) 

  • to analyse personal details for research purposes

  • to provide information about ABN AMRO services and products (marketing)

  • to guarantee the security of ABN AMRO and the banking sector as a whole in order to comply with legal regulations and requirements 

  • to manage the relationship between us and you or other clients.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that ABN AMRO makes available to your internet browser [For example Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla]. The cookie enables the tracking of surfing behaviour for the pages that you visit. The cookie also enables use of Internet Banking and quick and efficient surfing of the website.


A cookie is a small text file that is sent automatically to your browser via a website. This way it becomes possible to save your settings. This can be very useful, for example for Internet Banking. The cookie ensures that your bank account number and card number are saved on the login page, meaning that you do not need to fill them in every time you visit the website.

Using cookies, ABN AMRO (or other service providers carefully selected by ABN AMRO) can also gather and analyse information regarding the use of the website. For instance, the domain name, the number of hits, pages visited, sites visited before/after and the length of time spent on the site. We use this information to make alterations to our website and to provide you with relevant information. Cookies are also used to help you via the chat function on certain web pages. 

Your right to reject cookies: how do you do that? You can adjust the settings of your browser in such a way that it rejects all cookies. You can also adjust the settings of your browser in such a way that it only allows those cookies which are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of ABN AMRO’s secure internet services (such as Internet Banking). 

Our Advice and Service centre (+31(0)900 - 00 24 (€ 0.10 per minute)) can help you adjust the settings of your browser. 

Remember that you will not be able to use ABN AMRO’s secure internet services if you have adjusted the settings of your browser in such a way that it rejects all cookies as this means that you also reject the cookies that are required to be able to use these services.

How can I disable cookies?

All cookies on your computer can be disabled. You can do this by changing your internet browser settings so it rejects all cookies. Please note: this may mean that some services will not function properly on your computer. You will not be able to use ABN AMRO’s Internet Banking, for example. 
You can also choose not to disable all cookies. For example, those required for Internet Banking. Call our Advice and Service Centre at +31(0)900 - 00 24 (€ 0.10 per minute). We will explain how you can disable only the cookies you do not want. 
I do not want to receive any more personal offers from ABN AMRO, how do I unsubscribe? 
If you do not wish ABN AMRO to send any more personal offers, then please call us. You can also unsubscribe online or by post: 

Postbus 283 (AA2823) 
1000 EA Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

Is there anything else you should know?

In order to guarantee the security of ABN AMRO and the banking sector, the banks in the Netherlands have developed a warning system. This system enables the banks to check if someone has committed or attempted to commit fraud in the past or if they form, in any other way, a risk to the security of the banking sector. You can find more information on the website of the Dutch Banking Association (NVB).

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