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Private Banking mortgages

Maximum mortgage for entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a mortgage for your own home? Your mortgage adviser will first calculate your maximum mortgage. For an entrepreneur this is more complicated than for an employee. Your income may consist of a salary, profit distributions, property rentals and/or the proceeds of a securities deposit. The annual accounts of your company and your property portfolio will be more important to your income in the future than your pay slip.


Analysis of your income

The mortgage specialists at ABN AMRO MeesPierson will be happy to calculate the maximum amount you can borrow for your own home. They have a great deal of experience analysing annual accounts and can determine your income quickly and carefully. You will then know what your maximum mortgage or monthly payments can be, on the basis of which our mortgage specialists will generate personalised advice. You will then know which type of mortgage suits you best, now and in the future.


Comparison chart mortgage


Mortgage types

ABN AMRO mortgage types

A mortgage is a loan. The way you repay depends on the type of mortgage. You can choose from various types of mortgage. Take a look at the features and differences.

Annuïteiten Hypotheek

Level-Payment Mortgage

  • Pay interest every month and repay part of the mortgage
  • Pay the same gross amount every month
  • Net monthly expenses increase
  • Tax advantage becomes smaller
Lineaire Hypotheek

Straight-Line Mortgage

  • Pay interest every month and repay part of the mortgage
  • Initially higher monthly costs
  • Monthly costs decrease
  • Tax advantage becomes smaller
Aflossingsvrije Hypotheek

Interest-Only Mortgage

  • Pay interest only
  • Repayment at the end of the term
  • Gross monthly amount remains the same
Bankspaar Hypotheek

Savings-Based Mortgage

  • Save to repay your mortgage
  • Savings interest equals mortgage interest
  • Pay interest and deposits every month
  • Can be taken out if you already had a (bank) savings mortgage before 1 January 2013

Video Banking with your private banker

You no longer need to leave your home for a personal meeting. With Video Banking you can schedule an online video call with your private banker whenever you want via your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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