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Key Information Document

A Key Information Document (KID) provides important information on the aspects of a Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Product (PRIIP). The purpose of the KID is to ensure that you are well-informed about the PRIIP that you intend to purchase. With the KID you can easily compare the ABN AMRO product to the PRIIPs of other providers. The KID also gives insight into risks, costs and performance of the product. On January 1st, 2018, the European PRIIP regulation entered into force. For the entire European Union the KID has the same form and content.


Which KID’s do you find here?

On this page you will find the KID’s of ABN AMRO. These products can be used for hedging currency-, interest rate and commodity risks or investment purposes.

For whom?

The KID’s are meant for non-professional clients. ABN AMRO offers financial instruments and is legally required to inform clients of their classification on the client categories: 

  • non-professional
  • professional and 
  • eligible counterparty

For each classification there is a degree of protection that the ABN AMRO has to offer for its services. ABN AMRO is obliged to compile a client profile for all customers to whom it provides advice with regards to derivatives transactions . The difference s between these categories relate, amongst others, to your knowledge, experience, objectives and attitude to risk.

For more information regarding PRIIPS and KIDs, please visit the website of the European Commission or the AFM

Find your KID

Below you will find the KID for the product you may wish to purchase. The amounts and other details in this document are used for purposes of illustration. These details will probably not be the same as in your agreement with ABN AMRO. We recommend that you consider all the information provided to you by ABN AMRO before taking a decision. Please address any questions or comments to your ABN AMRO contact.

Find your Key Information Document

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Find your Key Information Document

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