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EMIR Reporting obligation

For 'over the counter' (OTC) derivatives transactions and 'exchange-traded derivatives' (ETD), each party must report every transaction to a Trade Repository.


The reporting obligation applies to both financial and non-financial counterparties. All derivatives transactions must be reported to a Trade Register (TR). This applies to both new transactions and changes to existing transactions. In this way, supervisors gain better insight into the use of derivative transactions in the financial markets and into the individual portfolios of parties. ABN AMRO uses Univista TRADEcho B.V. as TR.

EMIR Mandatory reporting obligation ABN AMRO

For transactions between ABN AMRO and a non-financial counterparty that does not exceed the clearing thresholds (NFC-), ABN AMRO is responsible for reporting on behalf of both parties. This means that we will report the transaction to the TR on your behalf, unless you indicate that you wish to report the transaction yourself.

If you which to report the transactions yourself, please complete the relevant Mandatory Reporting opt-out form below, have it signed by the authorized persons and return it to ABN AMRO by regular mail or email.
Please bear in mind that you must state your LEI on the signature sheet.

Postal address:
c/o Treasury Sales Support (HQ7206)
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email: regulatory.reporting.operations@nl.abnamro.com


Which codes do we need in order to report?

To ensure that the reporting of your transactions runs smoothly, two codes are needed: the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and the Unique Trade Identifier (UTI). The codes ensure that the reporting process is efficient and that the information matches.

  1. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
    The LEI is a unique reference code that identifies the parties in an OTC derivatives transaction. Every company that enters into or has entered into an OTC derivatives transaction must specify its LEI and that of its counterparty in the report to the Trade Repository (TR).
  2. Unique Trade Identifier (UTI)
    Every new OTC derivatives transaction that you enter into will be assigned a unique code, the UTI. The UTI enables the reports submitted by both parties to the transaction to be matched. ABN AMRO creates the UTIs for the transactions you enter into with ABN AMRO. The UTI is specified on the transaction confirmation, on the UTI overview and on the reconciliation overview.