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Institutions & Charities

Thinking about how to attain your goals

Are you the director of a charity, foundation or religious institution? The relationship managers at ABN AMRO MeesPierson gladly exchange thoughts with you on how to attain your organisation’s social goals.


You know that the fulfilment of your associates’ expectations is of crucial importance to them. The art is to structure well the composition and accumulation of the assets of your non-profit organisation. Money for a particular project must be available at the right time. And in the meantime, the assets must generate as much revenue as possible. Obviously, at an acceptable (i.e. limited) risk.

Investing is complex

Investing is a complex affair nowadays. There are many forms of investment and a great diversity of products. The question to be answered is whether there is available within your organisation the time, knowledge and expertise required in order to invest successfully. Certainly, if you consider that your investments may also become part of your organisation’s social debate. We can therefore help you with your investments.


For any non-profit organisation

We can help your non-profit organisation deal with money and investments.

Institutions & Charities works not only for charities, foundations and religious institutions, but also for directors of schools, trade associations and special interest groups. We are ready to help any non-profit organisation.

Can we be of assistance to your organisation? Otto Beelaerts van Emmichoven, Managing Director Institutions & Charities, or one of his colleagues will be happy to answer your questions.

Otto Beelaerts

Private Banking for you

What is Private Banking?

Door nu al bezig te zijn met haar inkomen voor later kan deze vrouw haar pensioen optmiaal opbouwen

With Private Banking you will have access to all of our financial services. Apart from your private banker and your tax consultant, you will have a team of financial specialists at your disposal. Because your assets require constant attention. Both privately and in terms of your business.

About Internet Banking