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Banking for Professionals & Executives

A professional team that understands your world

You get the most out of yourself. When it comes to your wealth, you also set the bar high. In your role as a partner at one of the major law or consultancy firms, or as a director or supervisory board member of a listed company, you want to bank with a bank that understands your world. A bank with a professional team that knows exactly how complex regulations affect your wealth.


Interested in banking with Professionals & Executives?

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Questions with which we can help you:

  • How can I finance my accession as a partner?
  • How do I work towards financial independence?
  • How do I make my assets work for me and what structure suits this?
  • When it comes to governance and compliance, who can assist me in this?
  • How do I finance my home in a way that suits my personal situation?

Experience with financing for your accession as a partner

You will receive advice from our credit specialists about tailor-made accession financing.

  • Which financial arrangement is appealing to you? Do you borrow partially or not at all? What risks are there and how can you cover these?
  • Help with opening accounts for your BVs

Live planning as a foundation

We accurately map your current financial position during interactive planning sessions. We subsequently analyse your income and wealth development over the remainder of your working life and your pension. In this way you will be taken through the results of your own financial plan ‘live’.


Tailor-made solutions for Professionals & Executives

Your private banker knows what restrictions you have to deal with in the field of investing and taxation.

  • How is your wealth structured? What can you optimise and is this possible within the restrictions that you have to deal with?
  • We offer tailor-made investment solutions that meet your compliance rules.
  • We think of things that are sometimes forgotten, ask critical questions and consult with your compliance officer.

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