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Wealth structuring

What are the options with your assets?

You have a certain future in mind. Perhaps you want to sell your company, stop working earlier, or want a holiday home abroad. What are the consequences for your future plans if something unexpected happens to you? With wealth structuring you get clarity in what you can actually do with your assets.


Structuring your assets based on your goals

If you start banking with ABN AMRO MeesPierson, your private banker will take stock of your wishes, goals and current financial situation. This gives you insight and you will know if and when you can achieve your goals.

If your assets are complex or if you are an entrepreneur, a wealth planner can help you plan your income and assets. This is completely tailor-made and includes both your private and business situation.

How does wealth structuring work?

  1. The wealth planner

    If your assets are complex or you have your own company, the wealth planner can come to your aid.

  2. Extensive analysis of your situation

    Your wealth planner will present you with the most complete situation outline. They will consider your family, wealth and company, in which you are central. Where is the emphasis on what you want for your assets: growth, maintenance or transfer? What is the strategy for your company? What do you consider important for your family?

  3. Privacy is paramount

    Your assets require discretion and security. The wealth planner has your interests at heart when it comes to your privacy. This may concern, for example, the UBO (ultimate beneficial owner) registration or the setting up of your organisational structure.

  4. Transfer of assets

    We are also attentive to your needs when it comes to transferring your assets, now or in the future. Important focus areas here are determining who should receive the assets, in which ways and under what conditions. We also pay special attention to business succession and charities.

  5. Which services are suitable for your situation?

    Based on the wealth plan, the wealth planner will indicate which services may be of interest to you. Together with your Private Banker and your specialists, you will then work on the maintenance, growth or transfer of your assets.

    The information you get from the wealth planner will help you and your tax adviser make the right decisions.



Wealth structuring helps you gain insight into your assets. Interested? Please leave your telephone number and Private Assistance will contact you immediately. You don´t bank with us yet? Then make an appointment without any obligation.

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