Reporting phishing and fraud

What should I do with a phishing email?

  • Do not click any links or attachments in the email.
  • Do not reply to the email.
  • Forward the phishing email to:
  • Delete the phishing email from your inbox.
  • If you have clicked a link or attachment, report the fraud to us.

Reporting other fraud

  • Have you received an email, phone call, text message or WhatsApp message from A fraudster is a criminal who tries to steal someone’s money or other valuable property by deceiving the person. Fraud and theft are punishable offences.?
  • Has any money been transferred from your account?
  • Has anything else happened?

Report the fraud to us, even if you are not sure.

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Lost debit card

  • Lost or stolen debit card?
  • Sent your card to a fraudster?
  • Someone misusing your details?

In such cases, block your debit card immediately, even if you are not sure. You can do this yourself on Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app. If you find your card again, you can unblock it just as quickly.

Lost credit card

  • Lost or stolen credit card?
  • Fraudster got hold of your credit card?
  • Someone misusing your details?

Block your credit card immediately - even if you are not sure. You can do this either permanently or temporarily.

Block your credit card

Lost phone

  • Lost your mobile device? 
  • Stopped using your mobile device? 
  • Think somebody might be using your identification code to log in to Mobile Banking without your permission?