Secure banking

Secure banking is something we need to work on together. We show you how to recognise fraud and give you tips on how to keep your banking secure. If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, find out how to report it.

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Being aware of fraud

Fraudsters can’t do anything with a name or account number only, but as soon as they get their hands on your personal details, security codes or your debit card, it’s a different story. We show you the tricks often used by fraudsters, so you can recognise fraud more easily.

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Phishing (fake emails) and other types of fraud

If you have received an email, phone call, text message or WhatsApp message from fraudsters, or money has been transferred from your account and you don’t know why, report the fraud to us, even if you are not sure.

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What you can do to stay secure while banking

We take measures and do our utmost to prevent fraud. Even so, it is crucial for you to know what you should and shouldn’t do, so here are some important tips.

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ABN AMRO’s measures to prevent fraud

However you choose to make payments, withdraw money or transfer funds, we make sure that you can do so securely. We close accounts belonging to fraudsters, for instance, and try to detect fraudulent payments. Find out more about other measures we take.