Wallet app to be discontinued

ABN AMRO plans to discontinue the Wallet app shortly. That’s why you can no longer download the app at this time. Any questions? Go to the FAQs.

Questions about the Wallet app

As it stands, the Wallet app is being used by less than 5% of our clients with an Android smartphone. That’s why we’re discontinuing the app.

You can use the Wallet app until 22 January 2020, unless you update your smartphone to Android 10. This version doesn’t support the Wallet app.

You can choose to buy a wearable. Whether you use a wearable or the Wallet app, the principle of contactless payment is the same. All you have to do to make a payment is hold your watch, bracelet, ring or keyfob near a POS terminal. Click here for a list of wearables we support.

ABN AMRO will also continue to look for other alternatives in the market.