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Legal Expenses Insurance


Access to a solicitor when you need one


  • Create your insurance yourself

  • Easy to change

  • Also for asset disputes

How high is the premium?

The premium is easy to calculate, and it's non-binding too.

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Create your insurance yourself

You can create your Legal Expenses Insurance yourself by choosing one or more of the following modules: 'Road traffic', 'Consumer and Home', 'Medical, Family and Divorce', 'Work and Income', 'Pension and Social Security' and 'Taxes and Assets'. Read more about what you can insure.

Also for asset disputes

Do you disagree with your investment adviser on the execution of a stock order? Or do you think that the costs that your insurer is charging for your life insurance are too high? Legal Expenses Insurance gives you access to legal assistance. Apply for Legal Expenses Insurance.

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Voorkom hoge juridische kosten met de ABN AMRO Rechtsbijstandverzekering

Avoid high legal fees

Legal Expenses Insurance gives you access to legal assistance for disputes. For example, in the event of a traffic accident or a dispute with the neighbours. You avoid incurring high costs. Apply for Legal Expenses Insurance.

Easy to change

You can change your Legal Expenses Insurance daily by specifying online which cover you want to add or cancel. Change your Legal Expenses Insurance.

Available 24/7 for legal advice

ABN AMRO Verzekeringen partners with ARAG. If you need legal assistance for a dispute or would like to get legal advice, please call 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates) You can reach this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managers and disputes

Are you a manager at a sports club and are having a dispute? Or is the home owners' association raising a liability claim against you? Legal Expenses Insurance gives you access to legal assistance. Apply for Legal Expenses Insurance.

No waiting period

When you take out or change your Legal Expenses Insurance, you are immediately entitled to legal assistance for future disputes. Disputes that you are having when you take out the insurance are not covered. Apply for Legal Expenses Insurance.

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