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Home Insurances

Insure your home, its contents and your family

ABN AMRO offers all of the major insurances for your home. They are perfectly attuned to each other so you never pay too much. And you benefit from the best claims handling. Available now: up to €80 package discount on your home insurance policies. View the promotion.

  • Inboedelverzekering

    Home Contents Insurance: insure your belongings of your home
    • Reduction on your premium if you have a mortgage with ABN AMRO
    • Insurance with quick claims handling

    • Guarantee against underinsurance

  • Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering

    Liability Insurance: covered for damages to third parties
    • For the whole family, including your pets

    • Worldwide, including holidays

    • From € 3.51 /month* and no excess

  • Woonhuisverzekering

    Home Insurance: insure your home

    • Reduction on your premium if you have a mortgage with ABN AMRO
    • The foundation is always included
    • Claims service: you don't have to advance anything

  • Rechtsbijstandverzekering

    Legal Expenses Insurance: legal assistance cover
    • Create your insurance yourself

    • Easy to change

    • Also for asset disputes

  • Kostbaarhedenverzekering

    Valuables Insurance: insure your valuable articles
    • Insured for the purchase price or appraised value

    • Insured outside the boundaries of your home

    • Also for collections

  • PC Verzekering

    PC Insurance: insure your computer, tablet or laptop
    • Worldwide cover for your laptop and tablet

    • Covered for loss and damage you cause yourself

    • From €1.91/month*

    * Example premium calculation based on the minimum premium of €1.91/month. You pay €2.53/month per sum insured of €1,000 for your mobile device, tablet and laptop and peripherals. You pay €1.52/month per sum insured of €1,000 for your desktop and peripherals.

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