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Payments profile provides protection

Increasing security with the payment profile on your debit card

The security of your payments is our top priority, which is why ABN AMRO has launched the payment profile, a service that puts you even more in control of your banking affairs.
There are currently 2 settings, one allows you to determine whether or not you can make foreign transfers, and the other can be used to determine whether you can make payments and cash withdrawals with your debit card within or outside Europe. The payment profile will have even more features in the future, such as payment limits.

Foreign transfers

You can determine whether you can make foreign transfers temporarily or indefinitely. This is not possible as standard - it is only possible if you have made a transfer to a foreign account during the last 13 months or if you have already changed your payment profile.

Cash withdrawals outside Europe

You can decide whether you can only use your debit card in Europe (Europe profile) or worldwide (World profile). If you select the Europe profile, you will be unable to withdraw cash or make payments outside Europe.

Which profile?

It is a good idea to select the Europe profile for your debit cards and we also recommend that you deactivate the foreign transfer option as standard. This will give you maximum security.

Changing your payment profile

You can use Internet Banking to change your profile if necessary. If you do not use Internet Banking, you can also visit one of our branches or call 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates). From abroad, please dial +31 10 241 17 20 (normal call rates apply).

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