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The financial industry has been changing dramatically over the last few years. The establishment of the European Banking Union, the central clearing initiative, Basel III and MiFid II are just a few examples. All these initiatives are having a profound effect on the way banks are able to service their clients.
Our product offering ranges from money market and repo products, through government, covered and credit bonds, to interest rate derivatives. We are active in both primary and secondary markets and offer supportive research in our main areas of expertise. From an execution point of view we are active on all major multi dealer trading platforms, but remain committed to personalised services when markets demand.

Fixed Income

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Our team

At Fixed Income Sales within ABN AMRO we aim to create value for our clients by going the extra mile and deliver beyond what is expected. In helping our clients to succeed and achieve their goals we are fulfilling our own.
In order to deliver on our ambition we believe in creating long term partnerships by having a continuous dialogue and delivering a consistent service. Among other things this includes being clear where we believe we can add value and deliver on that promise. This can be in certain products, a particular service or specific know-how. We currently have offices with dedicated sales persons in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and London.